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Welcome to WHC Elkhart

Mission Statement

One church … one heart … one purpose.
These six words describe World Harvest Church better than any flowery, "written" statement a focus group could create. It tells you who we are, why we gather together and what we want more than anything.

You may find that your own family is seldom under the same roof at the same time, but that doesn't change the fact that you are tied together with cords that are not easily broken. That’s what we seek for the body of believers at World Harvest Church, both at its original campus in Columbus, Ohio and at its new campus in Elkhart, Indiana. We meet in different places at different times and days of the week, in large groups and small ones, and we express our faith in settings in central Ohio, in north-central Indiana and around the world. But we’re still one church.

Our one heart is to share a deep and abiding love for God; His son, Jesus; His Word, the Bible; and His people, both inside the church and out, because the Bible tells us that others will come to know Him because of our love for each other.

Our one purpose mirrors that of the great pastor and evangelist John Wesley – to spread His Gospel to as many people as we can, in every way we can, as long as we can. We would love to widen our circle to receive you and your family.
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